'Not the American system of justice,' Coons says

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Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times

Sen. Chris Coons, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released the following statement after President Trump announced he has commuted Roger Stone’s sentence.

“This is a dangerous moment for the rule of law in our country. The President has personally intervened to nullify a federal judge’s sentence to protect his longtime political advisor. A jury convicted Roger Stone of seven felonies for brazenly providing false testimony under oath in a national security investigation, hiding evidence, and threatening to harm a witness, all to cover up for the President. This sends a clear message that the law applies only to the President’s enemies and not to his friends. This is not the American system of justice.

“President Trump has thwarted the rule of law by punishing witnesses from his impeachment trial, interfering in Stone’s sentencing, attacking the federal judge deciding the case, and handing out pardons and clemency to his supporters. As long as the Republican majority in the Senate refuses to check the President’s unprecedented behavior, it will only get worse. This should not be accepted as the new normal.”