Storm damages Kitts Hummock area residences

Shannon McNaught * Delaware
Dover Post
Dover Post

Residents along Kitts Hummock Road in Dover feared a tornado blew through the area on Monday, April 13, after high winds caused significant damage.

Jeff Sands, community relations coordinator at the Delaware Emergency Management Agency, said his agency received reports of a possible tornado in the area.

“Photos and video from the area were reviewed by NOAA and the National Weather Service but at this time there is not conclusive evidence of a tornado on the ground,” Sands said. “It is instead believed that straight-line winds caused the damage. If more conclusive evidence is located that could be changed.”

Around 4 p.m., the Little Creek Fire Company was alerted to a mobile home blown off its foundation on Weeping Willow Court, in Willow Tree Mobile Home Park. The home separated from its stoop, so firemen helped the family, which included small children, to get out. The American Red Cross assisted the family with shelter.

On Sam Wilson Road, directly adjacent to Willow Tree Mobile Home Park, tree branches went through the roof of a mobile home. Park management provided shelter for the residents.

According to Little Creek Fire Company Chief Michael Scott Bundek, two cars were damaged by falling branches and two sheds were “completely blown apart” off Kitts Hummock Road. The electricity went out in the area.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association confirmed 68 mile per hour winds in Kitts Hummock during the storm.