Republican for 22nd District Representative


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1. Top issues / plans

Delaware’s economy – Delaware has been unsuccessful in retaining large corporations and encouraging new business growth. It has also been one of the slowest states to recover from the recession. These are 3 areas where I would press for change:

• Improvements in budgeting and spending – I support Ken Simpler’s plan for implementing a budget stabilization reserve that is supplemented in years with higher revenue and used in years

with lower revenue, instead of cutting essential services. I would also encourage departmental goals for efficiency improvements.

• Technology in Education, for Jobs – Collaboration between Delaware universities and technical schools and business is needed so that our students are better prepared for the job market and so that businesses can hire employees with the skills they need to develop innovative solutions.

This should be combined with a 5 year plan for growth of Delaware’s economy so that skills can be applied to future jobs, not just current ones. I would also support additional technology in schools with focus on STEM curriculums.

• Equal Pay for Equal Work – Transparency is a significant issue for pay equality. I would encourage legislation that enables us to measure if we are making improvements.

Healthcare and the Opioid Crisis – State spending on Medicaid and health plans is increasing faster than our revenue is increasing. All insurance plans should cover preventive care and encourage healthy lifestyles to drive down costs while improving outcomes. I would support plans whereby pharmaceutical companies bear some of the cost of additional treatment centers and paramedic costs.

Women’s Empowerment and Support for Working Families – I support the Equal Rights Amendment.

Minimizing sexual harassment and domestic violence are areas for legislative improvement. I would also support measures that improve child care & early childhood education.

2. Unique Qualifications

My business and technology experience will provide a unique perspective in Dover. I am not a career politician and do not rely on contributions from any major organizations or lobbyists. I do have experience working on teams to accomplish shared goals of improving efficiency and quality outcomes.

I have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to work hard and get results. My volunteer experience has also provide insights into many of the problems that Delaware families face and their reliance on education, quality healthcare and safe affordable housing.

3. Community Groups

Delaware Federation of Republican Women

Fund for Women, Delaware – Grants Committee

Days of Hope – Empowerment program to support women in recovery at Limen House & Sojourner’s Place

Hockessin Valley Falls Civic Association – Front Entrance Maintenance

Dining for Women – Pike Creek chapter

Profession/employment: Health care IT services marketing manager

# of years employed: 30+

Education: BS, electrical engineering, Lafayette College

Political experience: None