Dulce Guerrero is the first to graduate.

In 2016, Delaware State University partnered with TheDream.US to enroll 34 undocumented students, known as “Dreamers” — immigrants who came to the country as minors and grew up in the U.S.

Dulce Guerrero is the first from that partnership to graduate as she will received her diploma Dec. 14, while the first class of Dreamers is slated to graduate in May 2020.

Guerrero, a political science major born in Mexico but raised since age three in Cobb County, Georgia, sacrificed her summers by earning credit hours through internships, putting her ahead of the Dreamers she arrived with.

The Dreamers are students who grew up in states that locked them out of higher education attendance due to their undocumented status, either by prohibiting enrollment in state institution or by classifying them as out-of-state student, making subject to cost prohibitive tuition rates.

TheDream.US, founded by Donald Graham, the former CEO and chairman of the Washington Post, began offering Opportunity Scholarships in 2016 to Dreamers who had excelled academically in high school. Initially, DSU and Eastern Connecticut State University were the only institutions to accept the Dreamers; other institutions have joined since.

Since the initial class of Dreamers who arrived in 2016, DSU has enrolled a new class of Opportunity Scholarship students each year. There are 150 Dreamers enrolled at DSU.