The final draft of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council in coming weeks.

The Dover Planning Office has released the final draft of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and its map series, available online at

The plan will go to the Planning Commission for a public hearing Dec. 16. Next, City Council will hold a public hearing and vote for approval Jan. 13. The final step is state approval.

Renewed every 10 years, the plan sets goals for the future, including development, rezoning, annexation and allocation of resources. The goals fall under different categories: natural resources and environmental protection, historic preservation, utilities, community services and facilities, transportation, economic development and housing and community development.

It includes a report card where the planning office evaluates how they met their 2008 goals.

The 2019 version is more detailed, has a lot more context and includes a stronger implementation plan than the previous one, Director of Planning Dave Hugg said.

The implementation plan will help the public understand the specific actions Dover will take in the next 10 years.

In addition to comments from city and state agencies, the community was invited to several public workshops about the plan. The planning office hosted an open house Oct. 23 at the Dover Public Library.

“We got some excellent feedback from the public. We also received comments from various city and state agencies who offered their expertise and comments. All have gone to creating the Comprehensive Plan that we are very excited to share with you now as our 2019 Comprehensive Plan Final Draft,” Hugg said.

Questions can be directed to the City of Dover Planning Office at 302-736-7196 or email