Bayard Pharmacy will sell non-prescription items for 20% off on Small Biz Saturday, Nov. 30.

For Erik Mabus, co-owner of Bayard Pharmacy, shop small is a day where he can not only reach new customers, but also debunk a stigma about his shop.

“I think right now because we’re a small business, a lot of people think, ‘Oh, you’re overpriced,’” he said about his pharmacy on 202 Loockerman St., Dover. “For people to come in specifically for Small Business Saturday, it gives them a chance to see, ‘Well, their prices are pretty good. I can buy here.’”

On Small Business Saturday on Nov. 30 (from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.), Mabus said all non-prescription products in his shop will be 20% off, which is basically whatever is on the sales floor. One of his shop’s most popular items is cannabidiol, or CBD, since some of the chains aren’t really selling it, he said.

CBD is an ingredient from hemp that may help with inflammation, pain and other conditions. Mabus said he uses CBD and it helped to increase his quality of sleep by an hour.

With Small Business Saturday in sight, Mabus said it’s not a day that typically brings him a lot of new customers who become year-long patrons. Instead, shopping small is a big marketing tool that reminds and teaches the community about something important.

“I think what it does is put that mindset out there for people to realize how much small business relies on the community to support them,” he said.

“It keeps that money local to where any of our profits get re-spent back in, whether it’s our associate’s pay, whatever the case is, or we’re investing in something to upgrade our pharmacy.”