Riley Hensley, of Dover, along with eight other Cedarville University physical education teacher candidates, is jumping right into real-world teaching experience while also benefiting the local homeschool community.

David "Pete" Peterson, assistant professor of kinesiology, has revised one of the physical education courses called "Net Games" to allow Multi-Age Health/Physical Education majors to work with middle school aged students as early as their freshman year. Net Games is a physical education class that introduces MAHPE students and homeschool students between the ages of 13-15 — grades 7-9 — to volleyball, badminton and pickleball.

The homeschool students learn about three sports with four class periods dedicated to learning about each sport. At the end of the semester, the homeschool students will also participate in a fitness evaluation to see how well Cedarville students have helped develop their overall physical fitness levels throughout the semester.