Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, published an op-ed titled “This bipartisan gun bill would help protect Delaware families from gun violence” in the News Journal calling for federal action to prevent gun violence.

“Gun violence in the United States is a deadly epidemic that we cannot ignore,” wrote Coons.

“As an occasional hunter, I know the right to keep and bear firearms, protected by the Second Amendment, is a fundamental freedom,” wrote Coons. “However, in the face of countless tragedies, including two 16-year-olds who were shot in Wilmington in recent weeks and recent deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Odessa and Dayton, we need to offer more than thoughts and prayers. We must take action to keep our communities safe.”

“It’s clear that we need to enact laws to make it more difficult for deadly weapons to find their way into the wrong hands, and Delawareans — on both sides of the issue — agree,” wrote Coons.

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