Gov. John Carney and Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long proclaimed November 3-9, 2019, as Radiation Protection Week in Delaware.

X-rays were discovered Nov. 8, 1895, which triggered research into imaging procedures used to improve health throughout the 20th century.

“Safe radiation procedures protect our health and quality of life,” said Division of Public Health Director Karyl Rattay. “Medical imaging procedures play an important role in the early detection of cancer and cardiovascular disease, in emergency medicine such as X-rays to assess broken bones and to detect oral health issues at the dentist’s office.”

Radiation protection professionals work in partnership throughout the practice community to provide radiation safety for patients, facility staff and the general public in such disciplines as radiology, radiologic technology, health physics, medical physics, radiation safety and governmental radiation control programs.

DPH’s Office of Radiation Control collaborates with the Delaware Authority on Radiation Protection and many disciplines throughout the practice community to enhance radiation safety, improve health outcomes and promote quality of life for all Delawareans. ORC regularly inspects radiation facilities to ensure that X-ray equipment is operated safely by trained, qualified staff, registers facilities that use radioactive materials, registers radiation service providers and issues certificates for administering radiation to patients by qualifying medical and dental radiation technologists and technicians.

“I encourage Delawareans to learn more about how radiation is used to keep Delawareans healthy, to treat cancer and other serious diseases and about existing educational and employment opportunities,” said Frances Esposito, authority chair.

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