Hit the Bottle Boys will bring Irish rock to the stage on Friday, Oct. 25.

Hit the Bottle Boys will try to get you drunk from intoxicating Irish rock they’ll serve up at The Ice House: Wellness & Community in Wyoming on Friday, Oct. 25.

The band performs a mix of traditional and original Irish tunes.

Ron Smith (fiddler) dished on being the latest member of the band, the group’s new musical direction and a cute alternative to watching scary movies with his family on Halloween.

Outside of Dropkick Murphys and a few other bands, is there a big scene for Irish rock music?

It certainly is a brand of music that everyone either likes around St. Patrick’s Day, or there’s folks like me who’ve always liked that kind of music. I’ve always gravitated toward Irish tunes, including Irish rock, but particularly a lot of Irish-folksy types of stuff. I think there’s something about the music and lyrics that lends itself toward craggy coastlines and windswept landscapes. No doubt there’s probably some people who connect with it because of beer and drinking. That’s certainly a piece of it. 

How’d you join Hit the Bottle Boys?

The lead singer is a guy from Ireland. But he lives in my hometown. Our kids go to school together and we’ve become friends. But it was a little while before I even knew he had a band and that he’d learn I played the fiddle. Once that connection was made, we started doing some practicing together and then eventually I officially joined the band.

What drew you to the fiddle?

I played as a kid, but I learned violin in a classical setting. Really once I became an adult, I sort of fell into some friends who did folk and Irish music, and that sort of thing. Then I converted to the fiddle at that point.

How are you guys planning to evolve?

We are in the process of exploring some other avenues of music. It’s a very talented group, so they’re capable of playing a lot of things. Irish stuff is just a mode they established way back when; of course on St. Paddy’s Day there’s a big call for that. But there’s definitely the promise of some other music we’re looking to put together, going forward.

What are some of those ideas you’ve been kicking around?

Adding stuff like Tom Petty, thematic types of things, Alan Parsons, a lot more traditional/folksy-rock stuff and elements like that.

Are you interested in adding cover songs by those artists, or using their influence in your original music?

Both. There’s a couple of guys in the group who are really amazing songwriters.

Halloween’s right around the corner. Are you going to dress up?

My daughter is 17, but my son is 9, so yeah. We support the efforts he puts forward and that will involve some dress up.

Any costume themes in mind?

My son is still kicking them around. We’ve got [a few days] to go and he likes so many things. 

Are you a fan of scary movies?

No, I never liked them [laughs]. Usually we go for something milder like” Scooby-Doo.”