During Delaware State University’s annual Fall Open House, Family, Youth & Community Day on Oct. 19 the institution made its mark in history by breaking two Guinness World Records titles.

The university engaged administrators, faculty, staff, students, visiting youths and their families to break the Guinness titles for the most people waving foam fingers simultaneously and most people buzzing simultaneously.

Delaware State University marshalled 1,709 people waving foam fingers simultaneously on the campus’ Pedestrian Mall where they broke the record previously set in Edinburgh, Scotland by Spifox.

The university also created a new category to attempt the Guinness title for most people buzzing simultaneously, with 1,661 people showing their Hornet spirit and buzzing at the same time.

The records were set that morning on the pedestrian mall area outside of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center. Tony Boyle, the university vice president of Strategic Enrollment, credited with coordinating the record-breaking efforts, said the achievement showed what Delaware State University can achieve.

“We took an ordinary thing and did something extraordinary with it,” said Boyle. “Prospective students and their families — without knowing they were going to do this prior to their arrival to the open house — were able to participate and take part in breaking a Guinness World Records title and establishing a new one.”

The new category of most people buzzing simultaneously was the brainchild of Mr. Boyle, who suggested it to Guinness a nod to the university’s Hornet mascot.

A Guinness World Records Adjudicator was present during the open house to validate the record-setting achievement.