Pip the Beach Cat visited The Center at Eden Hill in Dover Oct. 14.

When a couple in Ocean City, Maryland, realized that their new cat was turning into a YouTube sensation and Instagram star, they didn’t know what to do at first.

After adopting the stray cat and naming him Pip, Emily and Jacek Meadows-Bulak needed to get him out of the house. So, they went to the beach.

They posted videos of him exploring the beach, digging in the sand and even riding a boogie board. But, now the adventurous cat has gained almost 20,000 followers on Facebook and more than 15,000 on Instagram.

Emily Meadows-Bulak said they googled what people did with their famous cats, and they came up with the idea of visiting nursing homes.

Pip visits patients at Berlin Nursing Home twice a week, but he has been traveling to various nursing homes, rehab centers and hospitals for more than a year. He stopped by The Center at Eden Hill, a short-term rehabilitation center in Dover, Oct. 14.

“He’s a beautiful cat. I’m so glad I got to see him,” Vernardean Brooks, a patient at The Center at Eden Hill, said after visiting with Pip.

His visits inspired what is now called The Little Pip Project. Every time someone buys a stuffed animal version of Pip, one gets donated to someone in need.

“For a regular resident, the stuffed animal is super exciting because it resembles something that they actually get to see all the time or see once a week. But, for the residents in the dementia wings, it’s very important to their life now. It’s been interesting how much they attach to it, and how much it means to them, and they really think of it as their own little pet,” Emily Meadows-Bulak said.

Pip also raises money for local charities with his first guidebook to Ocean City, Maryland, which was released in May. He even offered to sign a few books during his visit to The Center at Eden Hill.