Melkin Ramos, 20, was arrested Sept. 10 and Tommy Ramos, 17, was arrested Sept. 6.

Two brothers were arrested for two Aug. 29 robberies of pizza delivery employees in Dover East Estates mobile home park.

The first robbery occurred at 12:39 a.m. The suspect was waiting for the food delivery, and asked the delivery employee if he could break a $100 bill. The employee said he could not, and the suspect punched the employee and fled with the food, police reported.

The second robbery occurred at 10:11 p.m. when two suspects assaulted a delivery employee while he was still in the car and threatened to stab him. The suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash and food, police said.

Dover Police charged Melkin Ramos, 20, in both incidents and arrested him Tuesday. Tommy Ramos, 17, was charged for the second incident and arrested Sept. 6.

Melkin Ramos was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $45,000 secured bond on charges of two counts of robbery first degree, conspiracy second degree and offensive touching.

Tommy Ramos received a $10,000 secured bond on the charges of robbery first degree and conspiracy second degree.