The mayor said he plans to attend the neighborhood's HOA meeting tonight.

A group of residents from the Clearview Meadow neighborhood, which connects Division Street and South Little Creek Road, are asking Dover City Council for help after multiple incidents of speeding.

“We have brought this to the attention of the HOA numerous times in our meetings, and we were told there is nothing to be done,” said Waldo Melendez, who spoke for the residents at the council meeting last night.

On Aug. 21, a speeding driver totaled Melendez’s parked SUV at his home on Marta Drive, he said. The driver knocked over a light pole, which destroyed his neighbor’s cable and electrical box.

“With the grace of God, my parked SUV stopped the impact of the driver running into my next door neighbor’s house,” Melendez said. His SUV and the driver’s vehicle were totaled and another vehicle was severely damaged in the accident, he said.

City Council President William F. Hare responded to the complaint, saying he has sat in the neighborhood and personally witnessed speeding drivers.

Melendez and his wife have lived in the area for 10 years, and he said he worries it will take a catastrophe for something to change.

“Our main concern is the safety of our children and our community,” he said.

Neighbors in Clearview Meadow, Colleen Dalious and Alexis Catron, said they shared Melendez’s concern and that they have had difficulty communicating with their homeowner’s association.

“We’ve tried to meet with them personally. [They] didn’t show up, didn’t call, didn’t email,” Dalious said.

These concerns of speeding come after several complaints of crime and trespassing, Dalious and Catron explained. They said they have worked with the Dover Police Department and the bordering apartment complex to try to stop people from cutting through their backyards.

“We’re just trying to keep this a safe community. Now, it’s the cars coming in,” Dalious said.

The residents said they are open to putting in speed bumps or flashing speed limit signs.

“We even asked to have speed bumps put in, and we were told ‘no,’” Catron said.

At the end of the open forum, the mayor told the residents that he would attend their HOA meeting tonight and look into the availability of flashing speed limit signs.