The Dover Police Chief Selection Committee held their first meeting Wednesday night.

The Police Chief Selection Committee gave the city’s human resources team the green light to begin advertising for the position, at their first meeting Wednesday, Sept. 4.

Since former Dover Chief of Police Marvin C. Mailey Jr. retired at the end of April, Deputy Chief Tim Stump has been serving as acting chief.

“I don’t want to scare anyone off but this will be a tough act to follow,” said Mayor Robin Christiansen, who chairs the committee.

This selection process follows the 2017 process, which drew some criticism.

“This selection process was put in place to eliminate horse trading, favoritism and all the other things that people would be subject to. As long as I’m chairman of this committee and mayor of this city, this process and the hiring of other senior officials will be done in a pristine manner,” Christiansen said.

Also on the committee are Director of Human Resources Kim Hawkins, City Manager Donna Mitchell and Councilman Ralph L. Taylor Jr.

Hawkins outlined the tentative schedule for the selection process. Starting Monday, Sept. 9, human resources will begin posting the job description online. The websites and newspapers that the committee used two years ago are listed below.

Taylor said he approved of the list. “Extremely diverse. I was looking for several entities, and they’re on here,” he said, mentioning the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the National Latino Peace Officers Association.

Human resources will prepare the applications and provide them to the committee the week of Oct. 14. The committee will take the following week to review the applications, and then they will reconvene to choose the top candidates.

Interviews would take place over Nov. 6 and 7. Christiansen agreed with Hawkins and Taylor that the interviews should happen on-site, rather than via telephone or Skype,

“I want to look them in the eye,” Christiansen said.

A second interview may be required, which Hawkins said might look like introducing the candidate to the police department or the community.

The mayor said he is satisfied with this timetable and hopes to present the final candidate Monday, Dec. 9.

This is the second time that the selection committee has offered the position to someone outside the department. While Stump will continue to serve as acting chief the first few months of the new chief’s tenure, the mayor said Stump did not wish to be considered for the position.

“He is an outstanding law enforcement officer, a dedicated public servant,” Christiansen said. “But, he and his wife have life plans, and considering to become the police chief of Dover were not included in that.”

“I want to thank Tim for the outstanding job he has done as acting chief,” he added.

As for qualities to look for in the next police chief, the mayor listed: leadership, the ability to build confidence within the police department and the community, networking skills and trustworthiness.