The 22-year-old business will remain open until a buyer is found.

The owner of Hall’s Family Restaurant, Ray Hall, announced Wednesday Aug. 28 that he will be selling the business.

Dignitaries, family and friends joined Hall at the restaurant in Wyoming for a luncheon celebrating 22 years of business and Hall’s 50th anniversary of his retirement from the United States Air Force. Hall promised that the restaurant will remain open until they find a suitable buyer.

Everything you need to know about the restaurant is in its name, Dina Vendetti of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce said.

“It’s a comfortable place,” Vendetti said. “[Customers] go in and they’re part of the family.”

Ray Hall and his son Steve Hall, who helps manage the restaurant, said they decided to sell due to Ray’s health issues, which come with getting older.

Steve Hall commented on the family atmosphere of the restaurant in a Dover Post article in 2015.

“Families come here for reunions or just to be together. We’re like a place where everybody knows your name,” he said.

Ray Hall did not mention what his hopes were for the business, but he did say what he'd be up to after selling.

“I’ll probably just come to the restaurant to see my friends,” he said.

Vendetti recommended that anyone who hasn’t been to Hall’s Family Restaurant at 108 North Railroad Avenue in Wyoming, should go make a point of visiting before they sell.

“To have that experience, that would be a good thing for people,” Vendetti said.