The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony July 26 for Ry’s Chilly Creations, 516 Jefferic Blvd., Dover.

Ry’s Chilly Creations is a seasonal snowball stand bringing snowballs to Central Delaware. The inspiration for this new Dover business stems from the owner’s childhood in Baltimore where her “growing up” years were filled with Baltimore snowballs. Not to be confused with the snowcone, made with crushed ice, the snowball is made with shaved ice and dates back to the 1800s.

Ry’s Chilly Creations offers a variety of flavored snowballs. Each snowball is made by first packing the shaved ice into the cup and then topping it with one of flavored syrups. A snowball tradition is to add marshmallow flavoring in the middle and/or the top. Ry’s most popular “specialty” flavors are Egg Custard — originally made with eggs, vanilla and sugar — and Tiger’s Blood, a mix of fruit flavors, typically watermelon, coconut and strawberry. Other favorites are cherry, blue raspberry, pina colada and cotton candy.

For more, call 410-971-7871.