During the 10 days of the 2019 Delaware State Fair, the Harrington Police Department conducted several patrols within the city limits targeting distracted driving.

These patrols were in conjunction with the Office of Highway Safety 2019 Delaware State Fair Initiative. Officers on patrol worked four hours a day, and three officers were assigned to each patrol and 183 tickets were issued over the 10-day course of the fair.

“The Harrington Police Department is committed to ensuring drivers are keeping their eyes on the road through these non-traditional techniques to enforce the law and provide education,” said Capt. Earl K. Brode, public information officer. “We want people to have fun in Harrington at the Delaware State Fair, but we also want visitors to travel to and from as safely as possible.”

With the increase of both pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic during the fair, the department’s primary goal is to ensure the safety of all the citizens who live in Harrington and those who come to visit the Delaware State Fair.

The department issued 105 cell phone citations, 22 speeding citations, 41 other traffic situations, 14 seat belt citations and made one drug arrest.

“With the increased traffic activity surrounding the Delaware State Fair, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety was pleased to partner with the Harrington Police Department in support of their Distracted Driving efforts,” said Sarah Cattie, Distracted Driving Program manager, Delaware Office of Highway Safety. “Drivers need to be hyper-vigilant and truly focus on road changes where traffic patterns differ due to events like this. Events aren’t an excuse to use your phone and lose sight of the road.”