Sens. Tom Carper, D-Delaware, and Chuck Schumer, D-New York, celebrated July 30 the Environment and Public Works Committee’s passage of the first-ever surface transportation reauthorization title committed to fighting climate change and adapting infrastructure to climate change.

The climate title is featured in America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act, which was co-authored by Carper and introduced July 29. Schumer in 2018 made clear that climate change must be addressed in any infrastructure bill moving forward, and Carper and Schumer penned an op-ed in May stressing the need for infrastructure legislation to reduce emissions and improve the resiliency of the nation’s roads.

“Throughout months of negotiations, I made it clear that Senate Democrats want a forward-looking surface transportation reauthorization bill that does more than just repair or restore infrastructure to its previous state,” said Carper. “We successfully worked with the majority to secure major provisions that will move our transportation system forward to the climate-friendly, resilient infrastructure of the future. Today, our committee unanimously approved a bipartisan highway bill that includes the first-ever climate title, committing $10 billion to programs and policies that will reduce global warming pollution from the cars, trucks and vans we drive — emissions that help to fuel the climate crisis — and make our roads and bridges more resilient to extreme weather events and worsening natural disasters. Among other climate-related provisions, America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act will jumpstart the installation of alternative fueling and charging stations across the country, so that we can support the growing market for the electric, hydrogen and natural gas-powered cars of the future. We also fought to secure provisions that will encourage states to cut carbon emissions and reduce pollution from our nation’s ports, which are often located near disadvantaged communities. The urgency of global warming demands our continued commitment and more action — this bill is just the start. I’m encouraged by the committee’s action today, and look forward to the work ahead of us.”

ATIA includes the first-ever climate title in a transportation bill with $10 billion dedicated to climate-focused programs and policies to reduce emissions and improve the resiliency of our transportation infrastructure to climate change and natural disasters.

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