Sen. Chris Coons, who endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, released a statement on Biden’s plan to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act.

"Joe Biden’s plan to dramatically expand access to quality, affordable health care demonstrates once again that he is the candidate best prepared to get things done for the American people on the first day of his presidency,” said Coons. “The Affordable Care Act has provided protections for more than 100 million Americans living with pre-existing conditions and extended coverage to millions more. We shouldn’t roll back the progress we’ve made, we should expand on it, and that's exactly what Joe’s plan would do.

"I am particularly encouraged that Vice President Biden will make health care more affordable for millions of families currently struggling with health care costs by increasing the value of and access to premium subsidies,” said Coons. “The plan also expands Americans’ options for accessing health care — whether through an employer, the exchanges or a public option.”

"Biden’s plan guarantees critical health care protections for all — regardless of race, gender, income or zip code — and recognizes that we have to protect and build upon the progress we’ve made,” said Coons. “We cannot go backwards. Joe Biden is the person to lead us forward to ensure every American has the health care they deserve."