65-year-old Jay Katz charged

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control's Police Park Rangers have charged a Seaford man with landing a prohibited shark species.

Following a tip made from within Delaware Seashore State Park, 65-year-old Jay Katz was cited for catching and removing from the water a sandbar shark while fishing at 3Rs Beach on June 11. His surf fishing permit has been suspended, pending a court date.

Certain shark species found in Delaware waters, including sandbar sharks, must be released as quickly as possible if caught and must not be removed from the water when releasing them. Many different species of sharks can be found in both the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. In addition to dogfish sharks and popular sport fishing species such as the mako and thresher, anglers may encounter several prohibited species, including sandbar and sand tiger sharks.

A complete listing of shark regulations is available at Delaware Code - shark regulations. For more information on identifying shark species, visit Delaware’s Most Commonly Misidentified Sharks on DNREC’s website.

Citizens are encouraged to report surf fishing violations to DNREC Police Park Rangers by calling 302-739-4580 or by downloading the “DENRP Tip 411” app on a smartphone, which enables citizens to send anonymous tips to authorities.