The leadership baton of the Dover Colonial Rotary Club was passed from outgoing president Paul Jones to the incoming President Alex Vaughan at a changing of the guard ceremony held recently at the Maple Dale Country Club.

The slate of officers and board members assisting Vaughan for the 2019-20 Rotary year include Treasurer Kevin Yencer, Sergeant-at-Arms Ceil Jones, club Secretary John Daliani, Membership Chair Mark Pugh and board members Amy Newton, Jean Dowding, Ben Parish and Bill Torbert.

Jones also sits at the board meetings in the capacity of immediate past president. The members were sworn in by the club fellowship coordinator Art Gilbert.

In his closing remarks, and as part of his first duties as the new president, Vaughan welcomed two new members from Cyber Streets, Robert Bentley and Jason Stewart. Each was provided with a Rotary pin and a packet that explains the workings of the organization and what it stands for in the world.

For more on the Dover Colonial Rotary Club, which meets each Friday morning at the Maple Dale Country Club, call 632-9833.