Their set begins at 2:15 p.m., Friday, June 21.

Grammy-nominated band The Record Company is reminiscent of Tyler Durden from “Fight Club,” because they’ve got a ton of grit.

The rock ‘n’ roll band’s tale involves a trio of musicians who scrapped for years in bars and clubs, joined forces in Los Angeles, set up some microphones in a living room, and cut an album that turned their world upside down. 

Their latest project is “All of This Life,” released in 2018.

The Record Company will grace the Firefly main stage Friday, June 21. Lead singer Chris Vox dished on Prince, a question he wished more fans would ask him, and more.

For those who may not be fans yet, describe your music in 10 words or less.

Rock ‘n' roll. Roll being as important as the Rock.

How did you come up with your name? 

We'd been recording music for a little over a month and wanted to books some shows. Naming a band can be a real challenge. We were surprised that "The Record Company" was still available, so we all agreed it was perfect for our sound and grabbed it.  

Have you ever been to Delaware? If not, what have you heard about it?

We have never played Delaware, so this is exciting. I have driven through it a few times and it is very beautiful.  

What are some of the key sacrifices you've made to get to where you're at? 

I don't know if I'd say anything is a sacrifice as every step is a building block to be allowed to do what we love, which is play music. Working hard is a pleasure when you have something you believe in, even if at times it’s challenging. We all spent years dreaming about traveling and being a musicians, so we're very grateful to have the opportunity.  

What's a question you wish more people would ask you?  

I've never thought about that [laughs]. Let's go with what is your favorite concert you've ever been to? Answer: a tie between Ray Charles with Milwaukee Symphony and every time I saw Prince.