Frontman Nick Urata dished on future films he'd like score, ahead of the concert June 24.

If life’s a stage and we’re all actors, then who’s scoring our soundtracks?

It’s hard to pinpoint an answer for everyone. But for some of us, DeVotchKa frontman Nick Urata is the musical conductor. His resume includes scoring films, such as the dramedy “Little Miss Sunshine."

Urata and his DeVotchka bandmates will cut loose at the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach on Monday, June 24, when you can expect to hear tunes from their latest album, “This Night Falls Forever."

Opening the show will be Ballroom Thieves.

Urata dished on the types of movie he'd love to score in the future, a goal he hasn't reached with his longtime band, and more.

What are some of the key differences in how you approached the creation of “This Night Falls Forever,” versus your previous album?

Looking back it was it was kind of a battle with reality. Developing little sparks of inspiration into an actual song is the best part of the job. Writing songs is a sort of refuge where you can escape from real life and use your experiences as fuel. We may have overstayed our visa in this creative promised land, but the result was the album we wanted. 

Has scoring films helped the band improve in any way? 

I hope so. For me, one of the positives is it pushes you outside the comfort zone. As far as the pressure goes, it's kind of like going from Little League baseball to pitching in game 7 of the World Series. You really have to have your shit together. It males getting on stage seem easy in comparison. It has made us focus on what a gift it is to play for a live audience. You have live and breathe every single note; and if you do it right, people let you know right then and there. We now approach every show with a sort of great reverence, as if it could be our last.

What type of movie would you love to score?

If you asked me when I started I would of listed genres or directors that I worship. But all of that is window-dressing for capturing humanity. If a movie is good it captures what is to be human; and in it reaches right into your heart and stays there for years. You probably wouldn't notice the score of such a film, if you heard it alone. But when you experience it with all the other masterful elements, the music becomes part of the magic. These are the films to be a part of.

The band is in its 22nd year. What’s something you haven’t accomplished yet that you’d love to?

This question has forced me to look back and be very grateful. It wasn't easy but this band has surpassed all the dreams I used to have when I was alone and no one cared. But since you're asking, a show of nothing but Christmas songs is on our to-do list.

What’s a question you wished more people would ask you?

Can we have another theremin solo?