Noble’s Pond and Rolling Thunder hosted a ceremony to unveil a permanent POW-MIA Chair of Honor on June 1.

Noble’s Pond is home to adults from various regions and all walks of life, including a number of Armed Forces veterans — men and women who served in the Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard and Marines.

The POW-MIA Chair of Honor is a national program of The Rolling Thunder, a nonprofit organization focused on Prisoner of War and Missing in Action issues, as well as veterans affairs. The group is known for its motorcycle rides to focus attention on veterans, with the motto “We Will Not Forget;” therefore, the POW-MIA Chairs remain perpetually empty. More than 30 members of Rolling Thunder participated in the ceremony and rode through Noble’s Pond prior to the official installation.

“There are a number of veterans living at Noble’s Pond, and we thought installing a POW-MIA Chair of Honor on the property would be the perfect way to both honor our living veterans and pay tribute to those servicemen and women who are missing in action or incarcerated as prisoners of war,” said Walt Waite, who served in the U.S. Navy and is now president of the Noble’s Pond Veterans Association. “Our clubhouse features a flag display from every branch of service, so it is especially fitting that the chair has been installed in front of the clubhouse near the American flag. The clubhouse also houses a plaque made by one of our residents that lists the names of more than 100 deceased veterans who are members of Noble’s Pond families.”

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