The former Dover city councilman is charged with hitting a man with his truck

Former Dover city council member Reuben Salters, 90, was charged with vehicular assault Saturday after he allegedly hit a man with his truck.

Dover Police Department spokesman Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman said the incident took place at about 8:14 a.m. June 1 in the area of West and Forest streets.

A series of cones and barrels had been set up for the Pride Festival Parade, Hoffman said. Salters, while driving a red Ford Ranger, allegedly disregarded the barrels and drove up to a series of cones where parade participants had gathered.

He got out of his truck and moved several of the cones, after which one of the event organizers stopped him and told him he could not go through.

Salters instead got back into his truck and started to drive through, hitting the man, knocking him to the ground and causing injuries to his legs.

Salters then drove through the crowd until he stopped.

He was taken into custody and charged with third-degree vehicular assault and a traffic offense of failing to obey a traffic control device

Hoffman said Salters was released from custody on his own recognizance.