The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Special Touch Card Creations on May 13 in the CDCC Board Room.

Special Touch Card Creations is a greeting card company that started in 2016. Owner Esther Rich felt burnt out having been involved in two different network marketing businesses that she didn’t feel inspired by. She attended a workshop, “How to Get your Next Customer,” and a conversation with the presenter left her with words she would learn to live by: “To be a successful entrepreneur, you need two things: a product to sell and passion about the product.” Rich went home and shared these words with her husband.

She creates greeting cards for any genre and various invitations. Individual clients order wedding stationery or single cards for special occasions, while business owners often order cards with their logo or brand colors. She also offers mailing services to save time for busy business owners and customers.

For more, visit or call 267-496-8514.