During March, Dover Federal Credit Union employees raised money for atTAcK Addiction that was matched dollar for dollar by the credit union, totaling $1,588.95.

AtTAcK Addiction is a nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness about the disease of addiction while fighting to remove its stigma by educating communities, assisting families touched by the disease and by supporting those in recovery.

AtTAcK Addiction was created in response to Tyler Armstrong Keister’s accidental overdose in 2012; the three capitalized letters are Tyler’s initials.

AtTAcK Addiction is a statewide organization that is fully volunteer operated. It is the organization’s goal to help young people realize the dangers of alcohol and drugs so that they and their families never have to experience the loneliness, pain and tragedy that accompany addiction. Speaking at schools, prisons and other venues where there is an interest, atTAcK Addiction strives to create real, effective, positive change in Delaware. For more, visit attackaddiction.org.

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