Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings announced May 17 that the Department of Justice is asking private law firms to submit competitive bids to be appointed as special counsel in connection with an investigation and possible court proceedings involving violations of environmental laws pertaining to hazardous substances, wastewater and ground contamination.

“The people of this state are as entitled to environmental justice as they are to public safety, to civil rights and to freedom from predatory business practices,” said Jennings. “If we learn that Delaware’s environmental laws have been violated then we will seek action to hold accountable those who jeopardize our health and our communities.”

DOJ’s Request for Proposals contains detailed provisions to ensure fairness, competitiveness and transparency and appropriate state control over any decision to initiate or resolve litigation.

The RFP states that “retention will include significant evaluative and investigative preparatory work and may require the retention of scientific experts in the field of geology, environmental engineering, hydrology, hydrogeology, clinical toxicology or other related disciplines.”

The RFP requires that work is done on a contingency fee basis so that it does not involve the use of state funds. Bids are due June 14.