WSFS Financial Corp., the parent company of WSFS Bank, welcomed 30 local students as WSFS Owners to its 2019 annual meeting of stockholders after the company granted them each five shares of common stock as part of a minority youth program to teach financial literacy, financial planning, the benefits and responsibilities of being shareholders of a public company and to help create paths for upward mobility.

WSFS partnered with the Youth Shareholder Initiative to grant the 150 shares of WSFS common stock to the local students. The Youth Shareholder Initiative was founded by La Mar T. Gunn Sr., CEO and chairman of Dover-based Gunn Wealth Management, with the assistance and support of Seaford School Board Member Jeffrey T. Benson Jr. and Wilmington Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter. The three local leaders selected the young recipients of the WSFS shares and who are now WSFS Owners.

At the annual meeting, WSFS stockholders also overwhelmingly voted in favor of all proposals before them. Additional information about the matters approved by WSFS stockholders can be found in the company’s 2019 proxy statement, available at

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