The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for A&E Properties on April 9 at one of the company’s newest house projects.

A&E Property Solutions, a real estate investment and rental property company, and A&E Building Service, a home building and renovation company, are both owned by Albert Miller. Miller and his team operate a full-service real estate investment business and work with several other companies and investors to build quality homes and to create a positive future for families. Additionally, the company operates as a building contractor, specializing in new builds, flipping houses and contracting for custom homes.

The company also works to connect high school juniors and seniors to the trade world by partnering with Polytech High School to give interns first-hand experience in fields like design engineering, carpentry, home design, photography and marketing. Miller explained that he sees a lot of trade partners needing young, interested employees and A&E wants to help bridge that gap.

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