The official announcement will be Tuesday, April 30.

Mayor Robin Christiansen will hold a formal press conference Tuesday to announce the retirement of Dover Chief of Police Marvin C. Mailey Jr.

At that time, Christiansen will name a temporary replacement for the departing chief.

No additional details were released.

The announcement comes almost exactly two years to the day after Christiansen announced Mailey had been selected as Dover’s top officer, culminating several weeks of a sometimes contentious selection process.

Mailey was sworn in on May 10, 2017.

Dover’s 14th top cop was the first selected under a new process that required candidates to be screened by a selection board and confirmed by city council. Prior to that, Dover’s chief of police was hand-picked by the mayor without input from council or city staff and then confirmed by a council vote.

The city can seek candidates from outside the police department; all potential candidates must apply for the job and undergo interviews by the selection board. Once the board settles on its pick, Christiansen nominates that person to council.

Mailey’s 2017 confirmation was unanimous.

During his presentation of the department’s 2018 report on March 11, Mailey noted an increase in violent crime over the prior year, with reports of murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault rising from 265 in 2017 to 346 in 2018.  He said he wanted to direct police patrols to problem areas in the city while using grant money to fund that project as well as increasing foot patrols and adding surveillance cameras. He added he was planning to ask council to add up to seven additional officers to the force during the upcoming round of budget talks.

Currently, the city has 101 authorized sworn officers but only 98 on staff. The department is facing a possible manpower shortage, with 17 officers now eligible to retire.

Mailey started his career in 1985 as a law enforcement specialist with the US Air Force. Following his 1989 discharge, he worked as a correction officer until hired by the Dover police department in 1993. He was named deputy chief in 2014.

With his departure, Mailey will become the second-shortest serving chief of police in the city’s history. Chief Clifford Artis served from January 1948 until May 1949, when he resigned due to ill health. He died of a heart attack in September of that year.