Del-One Federal Credit Union President and CEO Dion Williams, who has served as Del-One’s leader since 2011, announced April 1 he made the decision to return to his native North Carolina, where he will continue to serve in the credit union industry while being closer to his family.

As a result, the Del-One board of directors announced the selection of Ron Baron as interim president and CEO. Currently, Baron is the chief financial officer for Del-One. In this interim position, Baron will be responsible for leading Del-One Federal Credit Union, which currently has 10 branches with a new branch to open soon in Middletown. Del-One maintains branches in all three counties and serves more than 66,000 members.

“Del-One will continue the wonderful philosophy that Dion brought to us over eight years ago,” said Del-One Board Chairman Nancy J. Shevock. “It is with a servant’s heart that we provide our services to our members. Our lives are so enriched having had the opportunity to work with Dion.”

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