Capital School District Superintendent Dan Shelton addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club regarding the upcoming April 9 referendum titled “Straight A’s for Capital Students.”

The three A’s stand for the three questions, which will be up for approval — adding two new interconnected middle schools on Patrick Lynn Drive, adding necessary enhancements and preparing the current Central Middle School and adding operating revenue.

Included in the plan would be a dual school concept approach with the two middle schools placed on the same campus. This would save on costs as some facilities such as the kitchen and the auditorium would be shared. In addition, depending upon needs, students could be going to one building or the other for their classes.

The old William Henry Middle School would be utilized for a growing segment of the student population, those with special needs, whereby the front would hold shops aimed at preparing them for the world of work, one side would be the middle school while the other, the high school, and in the back the Kent County Community School would be expanded.

Also as part of the plan, two current elementary schools, East and Fairview, would become the district’s Early Childhood Centers, with their first- through fifth-grade students to the renovated Central Middle School. As to the other elementary schools, their grade configuration would be first through fifth grade.

As to operating revenue, the district is still relying upon the 2005 funding referendum, thus utilizing monies funds with the buying power of 14 years ago.

With the state picking up $64 million of the total cost, the building renovations/changes would translate into less than $3 a month for taxpayers, and for the revenue increase, less than $4 monthly.

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