The former First National Bank of Wyoming had served the town since 1909

Wyoming saw the end of an era Feb. 1 as representatives from the WSFS bank formally turned over their building to the town.

The bank, which closed Dec. 28, opened in 1909 as the First National Bank of Wyoming and was acquired by WSFS in 2014.

Vice Mayor Doug Denison said the town intends to renovate the building and move its administrative and police department offices there.

“It’ll be great because we’ll be able to have our town office staff and police department all under one roof, with ample room for public meetings and community gatherings,” he said.

Wyoming’s offices now are in the former train station, which is too small to accommodate the staff, Denison said.

“The police department is similarly crammed into the blue house the town owns across the railroad tracks, which has never been a great workspace for our officers, not to mention the challenges posed in terms of parking and security,” he added.

Money already in the budget to build a new town hall could be repurposed to renovate the former bank.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to preserve a historic building that is a fixture of Wyoming, give it a new lease on life and set it up to serve the town and residents for years to come,” Denison said.

No decisions have been made about what to do with the train station, although selling the longstanding landmark appears to be out of the question, Denison added.

“Council has talked about leasing the space to a small business, maybe a nice little coffee shop or something,” he said.

This was the second building donated by WSFS. In 2015 a house and property next to the former bank were given to Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity. That building was renovated in 2018 with assistance from the community and an $8,000 donation by WSFS.