The Dover house concert is on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Karyn Oliver has earned a nominee for the Most Creative Facebook Profile award.

Her profile reads: “Songwriter, and Confused Human and OK With That.” It ends with: “New Album Now Available!”

The singer-songwriter’s latest album dropped this month and is titled “A List of Names.” The project features a range of songs from positive parenting (“Beautiful”), women’s empowerment (“About Enough”), a superfund site in Texas (“I Was a Town”) and a somber tale about child abuse (“Clara”).

Oliver will bring her new album to the Sunroom Songwriter’s Series House Concerts in Dover on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Based on your Facebook profile, what recently are you most confused about?

The 2016 election. We’re all confused about that. I think we will be for a little while to come, before we really understand what in the world happened.

What’s an important story on the album for people to hear?

One of the songs is called “Clara” and is told through the point of view of an elderly woman who abused her children because she was also abused. That’s probably the most difficult song on the album. But they’re not all that hard.

Why was it necessary to highlight child abuse, since many would stray away from it?

Because I think too many people stray away from it, and too many people don’t want to discuss it. Like anything else, the more light you shine on it, the more chance you have at doing better. The longer I do this, the more I want to tell stories that other people don’t or aren’t telling.

Why was the title “A List of Names” fitting?

A lot of the titles of the songs are actually people’s names, because there are lots of little stories about individual people who aren’t necessarily related to me. A lot of the theme running through the album is a story of humanity that’s told through these different characters. It’s probably the most, in some ways, political album I’ve done. But it’s not preachy. The tales are told in personalized stories.

How did you choose the characters for your stories?

Some of these characters are probably reflections of my own life in a way, just told in a different way. Some are stories I’ve always wanted to tell.

Recently you made a post about “Hello, Dolly!” actress Carol Channing’s death. What did she mean to you?

Carol was amazing. Carol broke a lot of ground, at least in the Broadway realm. I did a lot of musical theater growing up, so I was very familiar with her.