Taylor and three other women qualified during trials in Brazil.

Dover’s Sydney Taylor is headed for Lima, Peru, this July.

Taylor and rowing partner Keara Twist joined two other women to take fifth place in the women’s quadruple sculls, qualifying them to race in that category at the Pan Am Games. The event takes place July 26 through Aug. 11 in Lima, Peru.

Quadruple sculls are rowing competitions using a four-person boat, with each individual using two oars, one in each hand, to propel them across the water.

Taylor and Twist, along with Julia Lonchar and Margaret Fellows, of Warwick, Mass., finished overall fifth in the Pan Am Games qualification regatta Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Americans hit the finish line with a score of 7:40.66; a team from Chile took first place with a time of 7:12.92, more than nine seconds ahead of Argentina. A team from Chile took third place.

The only first place spot taken by an American was earned by Jenifer Forbes of Baltimore, who took the single sculls with a time of 8.09.27, three seconds ahead of second place finisher Argentina.

Racing as a two-person team, Taylor and Twist took third place in the B finals and ninth place overall with a time of 8:08.38. A crew from Chile won first place with a time of 7:34.90.

In August, Taylor and Twist had competed in the Pan American Games Trials in West Windsor, N.J., earning a gold medal in the lightweight women’s double by finishing more than six seconds ahead of the second-place team.

Taylor, 28, is the daughter of Dr. Steven E. and Suzanne Tooze of Dover. She now lives in Seattle with her husband, Alex.