Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, a former Deputy Secretary for the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, was appointed by Democratic Leadership and her colleagues to serve on the influential House Committee on Energy and Commerce in the 116th Congress.

Blunt Rochester is the only former statewide health official to currently serve on the committee. The Committee on Energy and Commerce has broad jurisdiction over health care, environmental protection, commerce and trade, energy policy, telecommunications, manufacturing and consumer protection, and it is the oldest standing committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Blunt Rochester is the first Delawarean to serve on the committee in 65 years.

“The issues before the House Energy and Commerce Committee touch the lives of every Delawarean — through the health care we receive, the air we breathe, and the businesses that power our economy,” said Blunt Rochester. “In our state, we know all too well that our health care system is in need of stabilization and modernization, that the consequences of climate change are real, and that to create a new social contract for America, we need to balance economic growth with the needs of hardworking families struggling to make ends meet. Tackling these challenges and others gripping our nation is a tall task, but in serving on this committee, Delaware will have a much-needed seat at the table. My diverse professional experience as well as the stories I've heard from my constituents up and down the First State inspire me to find long-term solutions that positively impact people’s lives and create a better functioning economy for generations to come. I am honored to serve in this new role, and I'm excited to get to work.”

“I’m pleased to welcome Rep. Blunt Rochester to the Energy and Commerce Committee where she will play a crucial role in ensuring all Americans have access to affordable and quality health care, safe drinking water, high-speed internet and a cleaner environment,” said Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone Jr., D-New Jersey. “As a health care leader both in Delaware and in the House, Rep. Blunt Rochester will be a powerful voice in the need to stabilize and improve our nation’s health care system. I congratulate her on this well-deserved appointment and look forward to working with her.”