Karen Kaufman, founder of Kritter Sitter, recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club.

“While you’re away we’ll stay” is the firm’s motto. After an interview with a pet owner who needs to be absent, the pet sitter will come in and stay with the pet and/or come in to feed and care of the animal for a short while.

Kaufman began this service 12 years ago after serving in the Air Force. Today, it is a six-figure enterprise with 14 part-time employees and more than 400 active clients. Clients are selected if there is a good fit and if those individuals truly care about their pet.

As part of the interview, pertinent information, such as where, how often, how far to walk the animal, its eating habits and so forth, are obtained. This helps to make the temporary care transition a smoother one.

For more on Kritter Sitter, visit dekrittersitter.com.

The Dover Colonial Rotary Club meets Fridays at Maple Dale Country Club, 180 Mapledale Road, Dover. For more, call Mark Pugh at 632-9833.