The Delaware State Police Troop 3 “Trooper Youth Program” provided a Dover family Christmas cheer Dec. 21.

The Trooper Youths provided gifts to a family that recently experienced the tragedy of losing their home to a house fire. With the majority of their personal belongings being destroyed in the fire, the members of the Trooper Youth program sought to provide needed clothes and toys to the family.

Rose Murphy and her three children, Chase, age 10; Layla, age 9; and Cole, age 5, enjoyed opening some of the gifts with the Troop Commander Capt. Joshua A. Bushweller and Cpl. Carl Batson, who leads the Trooper Youth Program. Trooper Youth Program members included Faith Brien, Tyron Samuels and Talley Ridgeway.

“I am extremely humbled and proud of Cpl. Batson and these young members of the Trooper Youth Program for their compassion and commitment to helping others in the community,” said Bushweller. This family experienced a horrible tragedy and today made their life a little bit better...and seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces was priceless.”