New released from Taylor Janzen, Bailey Bryan and Cheat Codes.

CHEAT CODES X KIM PETRAS - "Feeling of Falling"

Multi-platinum, electronic dance music trio CHEAT CODES arrive this week alongside pop sensation KIM PETRAS with new single, "Feeling of Falling." The euphoric anthem pairs Cheat Codes' signature sugary electronic hooks with Kim's mesmerizing vocals. "Feeling of Falling" marks the first time the dynamic duo has joined forces and wrangles with falling in love.

The collaboration comes in the wake of another exciting year for Cheat Codes. Their latest song, "Home” follows on the heels of "Only You” which featured Little Mix and its inventive music video featuring TV star, Peyton List.

“Only You" hit #1 at UK radio and received critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, TIME and Rolling Stone. Earlier this year, the group was joined by Fetty Wap and CVBZ Cheat to take the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform their single, "Feels Great.”

BAILEY BRYAN - "Songbird"

Bailey Bryan is one of 300 Entertainment's rising stars, in the Country market, and she's back with Songbird- due on Friday.

Bailey has been buzzed about by the New York Times, Billboard, CMT, and has over 17 million streams. She's a powerhouse and her new track is delightful.

TAYLOR JANZEN - "New Mercies"

We have probably sent you a note or two about Taylor Janzen... the 19-year-old Canadian artist has gotten love from the likes of the New York Times and NYLON. Today she dropped her new song "New Mercies." 

Her new song has this underlying sense of frustration layered within the soaring melodies and gorgeous southern-twinged riffs- it was mixed and produced by Mike Mogis (Phoebe Bridgers, Bright Eyes, Cursive).

ALEX WINSTON - 'Tourist'

Alex Winston's “Tourist” video, which premiered via Billboard, pays homage to the 1999 pageant mockumentary "Drop Dead Gorgeous," which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019 and stars Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Amy Adams (her first feature film!), Allison Janney, Ellen Barkin, Kirstie Alley, and Brittany Murphy.

The all-star cast of pageant contestants joining Winston in the new music video includes choreography and a cameo from Max Hershenow (1/2 of MS MR and also 1/2 of Post Precious with Winston) and a cameo from artist Ryn Weaver as they sport the iconic American monument headpieces from the movie, crafted by Winston herself. Those familiar with the movie will recognize the iconic “Proud to Be An American” pageant, including the infamous conga dance routine.

Winston dances through the streets in an homage to Kirsten Dunst’s character in the film, but adds her own touch as she rides on the back of a truck through a suburban neighborhood in a star spangled outfit while playing the guitar.

Born and raised in Detroit, Alex Winston is a classically trained opera vocalist and indie pop singer/songwriter with an unmistakable voice. Her music pairs the upbeat with the down-low of real life in a way that stands out in the world of pop music.

She started recording solo material and touring before even finishing high school, which lead up to Island Records’ release of her critically acclaimed debut album, King Con, in 2012. She toured with acts like Grouplove and Neon Trees after being taken under the wing of another major label for The Day I Died EP in 2015, but her sophomore full-length album to follow was never released. Right around that time, Winston began her battle with Lyme disease which lasted over a year.

Winston is now operating independently, writing more music than ever before, and she’s ready to share her new music with the world. In 2017, Winston teamed up with friend and MS MR member Max Hershenow for their side project, Post Precious, which featured collaborations with artists like Charli XCX and Ryn Weaver.

And in 2018, she released the comeback single, “Tourist” which is available now for streaming and download. Next, 2019 will see her releasing more new music and heading out on the road.