The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce was on-site for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 9 at the new office of business Rooah!, 768 Townsend Road, Dover.

Rooah! provides website design, mobile application development, graphic design and digital solutions such as cloud computing and digital marketing. Its services extend to small and intermediate-sized businesses across the nation and to select countries in Europe and Africa.

“What we do at Rooah! includes partnering with clients to provide business solutions that are work force multipliers,” said founder Robert Njoku. “We work to create innovative solutions that give life to project ideas, help publicize our clients’ vision online and create new jobs.”

Rooah! was created to provide solutions that increase online activity and traffic flow by partnering with clients to answer business needs online. The business’s goal is to solve real-life problems using internet solutions like web and mobile application development. The site also uses support services such as web hosting, website management, web support, domain name registration and graphic design.

For information about the business, call 233-7557 or visit