Applications are being accepted for appointment to the Council on Shell Fisheries.

As per 29 Delaware Code section 8007, “The Council on Shell Fisheries shall serve in an advisory capacity to the director of fish and wildlife and shall consider matters relating to the control and direction of the shellfish industry and the protection, conservation and propagation of shellfish of this state and such other matters as may be referred to it by the governor, secretary of the department or director of fish and wildlife. The council may also study, research, plan and advise the director, the secretary and the governor on matters it deems appropriate to enable the division to function in the best possible manner.”

Shell Fisheries councilors do not receive any compensation for serving on the council other than mileage reimbursement. The council typically meets twice per year. Eligibility for council seats is determined as follows — again from 29 Delaware Code section 8007 — so applicants should state on their application the council seat that they are seeking:

“The Council on Shell Fisheries shall be composed of seven members who shall be appointed by the governor. The council shall be composed of the following members: one person engaged in commercial lobstering or conching; one person engaged in commercial crabbing; one person engaged in commercial oystering; one person engaged in commercial clamming; one person knowledgeable in marine fisheries; one person representing recreational shellfishing; and one person, the chairperson, to serve at the pleasure of the governor.”

The application form can be found at, and the council number is 0222.