Sen. Chris Coons released a statement Oct. 19 on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“While Saudi Arabia has long been an important U.S. partner in the Middle East, our shared interests should not require us to abandon our values, which include our commitment to a free press, human rights and the rule of law. I will reserve my final judgement until I get all the facts, but there is mounting evidence of a brutal murder of a journalist living in the U.S. by the Saudis. Seventeen days after the disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khasshogi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the explanation by Saudi officials that he was killed in an impromptu ‘fist fight’ is not credible,” said Coons.

“As a Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, I am seeking a classified briefing and depending on the facts of this case, we may need to reassess our relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including planned arms sales, our ongoing support for the war in Yemen and other aspects of our partnership with the Kingdom,” said Coons.