Some new tunes from Phony Ppl, Twins and Mr. Little Jeans.

MR. LITTLE JEANS - 'Unfollow'

I have a new tune from Norwegian act, Mr Little Jeans coming out this week.

Now based in LA, Mr Little Jeans - also known as Monica Birkenese, wrote this track about her frustrations towards the current political administration, and details how she felt totally unprepared and shook when Trump came into office. It's kind of like a stunning juxtaposition - the song has these gorgeous melodies and synths, but the narrative is dark and speaks of coming to terms with a harsh reality.

"Lyrically, Unfollow was something that had been rummaging around my head ever since Trump got elected. The sinking feeling of this new, horrid reality is something I'll never forget," Birkenese said. "I was completely unprepared for even the possibility of this happening, let alone how deeply this would depress and affect me.

"It brought to a harsh light how much of a bubble my closest and I had been living in. It has been and continues to be a brutal wake-up call with severe repercussions for both our humanity and the environment. Unfollow is about the unrelenting mourning of losing Obama and the deep sadness and shame I felt for passively standing by while disaster happened."

PHONY PPL - 'mō'zā-ik'

Phony Ppl have released their new album, "mō'zā-ik."

It hit the internet early for a week, thanks to NPR, who said so many nice things about the guys and the album, saying "the ride of 'mō'zā-ik' serves as a stepping stone for the Brooklyn band as a subconscious vacation for the listener while moving through the world ... or maybe even a retreat from it."

TWINS - 'Fade Away'

"The song talks about the fear of losing someone dear to you. For me the song is a musical version of the overflow of feelings after a breakup. The desperation you can feel of not having control of a situation anymore. You deal with a lot of ups and downs after something like that and this song came about from one of those days where things felt a pretty shitty," Twins said.