The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce recently announced that Chemours Co. President and CEO Mark Vergnano will give the keynote address at the 182nd annual dinner, set for Jan. 7, 2019, at the Chase Center on the Riverfront, 815 Justison St., Wilmington.

“I am honored to speak at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner,” said Vergnano. “Chemours is a proud Delaware-based company and is excited about the shared future of the state, Chemours, and the broader business community.”

Chemours, a leader in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, became an independent company in July 2015. As a new company, the $6 billion startup faced an array of uncertainties and challenges. In response, Vergnano implemented a five-point transformation plan that proved the roadmap to the company’s fiscal stability and financial performance. Transformation plan completed, Vergnano is focusing on delivering the company’s three-year growth plan, strengthening relationships with local communities and cementing the organization’s values-driven culture.

Vergnano is bringing more than 30 years of experience in research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing from his tenure with Chemours’ parent company DuPont.

The annual dinner’s program will include the presentation of the Josiah Marvel Cup Award in honor of the memory of Josiah Marvel, who reorganized and was the first president of the modern-day State Chamber. A complimentary roundtrip shuttle will also be open to guests traveling from Kent and Sussex counties.

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