The Dorchester County Historical Society will host a presentation by the Hollands Island heritage group at 10 a.m. Oct. 13 at the Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester, 1003 Greenway Drive, Cambridge, Maryland.

Early this year, the DCHS undertook a project that had unanticipated results. Organizers called for descendants of Hollands Island to come and share their stories and their family histories. This group met for working sessions and programming five times since. The response to Hollands Island heritage has been overwhelming.

During the presentation, the group will bring to the public the fruits of their labor. The history of the island itself and it’s literal disappearance will be explored in addition to the many stories that have their roots deep in the Hollands Island community. Descendants will speak, sharing the times, the people and the history of Hollands Island.

The Hollands Island Exhibit will also open that day to give a visual reminder of those resourceful and tenacious people who called Hollands Island their home. A three-volume body of work has been compiled based on donations of documents, family trees, photographs and newspaper articles; and will be available for research in DCHS’ Todd Research Center.

For more, call 410-228-7953.