Wesley College Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of the MSN Program Denise Morris was the co-keynote speaker for the Red Clay School District Nursing Conference on June 12 in Wilmington.

Morris and her co-researcher, Patsy Starke, spoke to the conference attendees about their academic research regarding transgender nursing care and the paradigm model “Care without Assumption.”

The pair began a qualitative study with the transgender population nationwide over the past two years on the perceptions of transgender patients experiencing nursing care. Due to the lack of research in this area, the findings of this study were instrumental in developing nursing curricula and continuing education for nurses regarding this population.

The research has been published in the Delaware Nurses Association Reporter as well as the Colorado Nurse, and Morris and Starke have spoken in other school districts in Delaware and Conferences in Florida regarding holistic approaches to transgender persons.

“We hope to augment the gaps in nursing care delivery and education regarding transgender health,” said Morris. “We are continuing to develop nursing standards that support this special population and the nurses caring for them.”