Dairy farmer Stephanie Knutsen shared her expertise when she spoke with members of the Capital Lions Club about her family’s dairy farm.

Knutsen’s family owns G&S Dairy near Harrington, where they care for 50 cows every day.

“As a dairy farmer, I love what I do,” said Knutsen to Lions Clulb members. “My family and I live on our farm. We are committed to protecting the land, water and air entrusted to us.”

Knutsen covered all aspects of dairy farming, from how the cows are cared for to the safety of the milk produced on the farm.

“While each dairy farm is a little different, all farmers are serious about their responsibility to take care of the natural resources and animals on their farms,” said Knutsen. “Cows are given a nutritious diet, good medical care and healthy living conditions. Farmers work with experts to find the best ways to reduce energy use, conserve water and protect the land.”

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