Sen. Tom Carper released a statement Aug. 18 after a federal judge in South Carolina issued an injunction on the Donald Trump administration’s delay of the Clean Water Rule, or Waters of the U.S. rule, for 26 states across the country that have not blocked the Trump administration’s delay.

This ruling makes the Clean Water Rule — a bedrock environmental protection — law of the land.

“At every turn, the Trump administration is trying to undermine the fundamental clean air and water protections that keep American families safe. But today, one of the illegal moves taken by President Trump to suspend an important environmental protection put in place to ensure the water we drink is clean, was struck down by a federal court. This is an important win for the health of our children, the environment and future generations,” said Carper.

“Today’s decision ensures that our nation’s streams and wetlands will be protected from the risk of contamination, provides certainty for businesses that rely on clean water, guarantees cleaner water for millions of Americans across the nation, and keeps us on a sure track to enjoy the nearly $500 million in economic benefits that come from the Clean Water Rule,” said Carper.